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Japanese most famous 'Hot Spring prefacture, Oita.
Among them, Beppu and Yufuin are remarkable.
The number of the fountainhead, the amount of discharge are the top in Japan. Your body and heart will be healed by warm hot spring.

Meanwhile, in Beppu hot spring, Jigoku Meguri is also popular.
Like Reddish hot spring called Chinoike-Jigoku and cobalt-blue hot spring 'Umi Jigoku'. You will feel the mysterious of its nature.
In Oita must thing is not only hot spring but also food.
As special products, Sakisaba, Saki Aji, Kabosu and Shitake mushroom are famous.
Also you must try local dishes dango-jiru which is full of vegetable and Tori-ten.
For leisure spot, Umitamago Aquarium which located in Beppu bay, African Safari, Kijima Ko-rakuen are the places you can spend the time with your family and friend.
Definitely, you will be satisfied with hot spring and plenty of entertainment.
Why don't you go and see Oita?

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