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From JPY 189,000 Approx USD 1,716

New Kyushu tour using JR Pass with Guide

This is an activity-based tour consisting of content related to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Covering northern and western Kyushu, you’ll gain unforgettable, hands-on experience of Japanese culture.

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~Tour Description~

Travelling using the JR Pass from Hiroshima to Kokura in Kitakyushu, the guided tour will commence in Kokura on the following day.

 On the second day, you’ll take a chartered boat and experience fishing for local fish unique to Kitakyushu, followed by a walk around Moji Port Retro - the gateway to Honshu. Dinner will be served, consisting of the fish you caught the same morning.

 On day three, you’ll visit Arita, the birthplace of porcelain. Upon arriving at Arita station, you’ll rent bicycles from the Kiln Arita Tourist Information Centre, and head to the Izumiyama Porcelain Stone Field - the site at which the first porcelain stones were found in Arita. Following this, you’ll visit the Tonbai-bei Brick Wall Street and the Sueyama Shrine (also known as Tozan Shrine), before stopping for lunch at Arita Porcelain Lab, where lunch will be served upon colourful Arita porcelain. You can also enjoy browsing the vast collection of Arita porcelain on display within the building. 
Afterwards, you’ll move to the Kouraku Kiln, where you’ll each receive a basket, and participate in a ‘treasure hunt’ throughout the spacious warehouse - filling your basket with as much as you can fit in it and wish to take home with you (chosen items can be shipped/posted back home!). After experiencing the charms of Arita porcelain, you’ll stay overnight at Wataya Besso, Ureshino Onsen - one of the three hot springs renowned for their skin-clarifying water quality. 

 Day four starts with a stroll through Ureshino Onsen Town. Following this, you’ll head on to Nagasaki to visit the famous Glover Garden. There, you’ll see three nationally designated Important Cultural Properties, including the impressive former residence of the Scottish trader, Thomas Blake Glover, as well as enjoy the chance to admire the striking Western-style architecture prevalent throughout Nagasaki City. 
You’ll then visit the Oura Catholic Church, followed by the Kofukuji Temple, where you’ll enjoy an authentic matcha green tea service, before taking the ropeway up to the summit of Mount Inasa - known as one of Japan's ‘three best night views’. Dinner will be served at the restaurant located on the mountain summit, while you enjoy the spectacular views.

 On day five, after checking in to the Hilton Nagasaki (newly opened in 2021), you’ll head to the Unzen Onsen area, located on the Shimabara Peninsula in Nagasaki Prefecture. You’ll then transfer to Shimabara Port, where you’ll cross to Kumamoto by ferry. Upon arrival in Kumamoto, you’ll get the chance to experience iaido (the martial art of sword-drawing), in the area around Kumamoto Castle, under the guidance of a teacher who has learnt the teachings of the samurai, Musashi Miyamoto. 
Following this, you’ll move to The Ryoriya Residence Tudzura, with its atmosphere of long history and legendary stories. This is as far as your guide will take you, after which you’ll be free to head back to Kumamoto Station at your own leisure, before returning to Hiroshima by shinkansen, with a lot of wonderful memories. 


Minimum number of guest : 2,Maximun number of guest : 8

■price:189,000 JPY ~ (8 pax)
     199,000 JPY ~ (6 pax)
     219,000 JPY ~ (4 pax)
     349,000 JPY ~ (2 pax)
Please add 5,000 JPY / pax / night on Saturday and 1 day before Japanese Holiday. 
**Service charge and Tax Included

■Cancelation Policy : 
UP to 15 days prior to date of travel :No cancellation fee
14-8 days prior to date of travel:20% of the specified fare and charges  
7-2 days prior to date of travel:30% of the specified fare and charges  
The day before the date of travel:100% of the specified fare and charges  
On the date of travel:100% of the specified fare and charges  


*Important information*

 - Please contact us for Hotel's price
 - Excluding insurance. Any injuries are on your own responsibility

Option 1 : Iojima Island Cycling (Nagasaki)
Option 2 : Shiranui Hiking (Kumamoto)

If you are interested in adding the above option, please cotact us. We will propose the itinerary accordingly.




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