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Hokkaido Island - Snow Island

Hokkaido is the second largest island of Japan, northernmost prefecture. The Tsugaru Starits separates Hokkaido from Honshu; the two islands are connected by the undersea railway Seikan Tunnel.

As Japan’s coldest region, Hokkaido has relatively cool summers and snowy winter. Snow Festival in capital Sapporo is famous and popular in winter. Many winter activities like snowboard, ski board you can enjoy here.
Beside winter activities you can go hiking at national parks, cycling, camping in nature from June to September. 

HighLight of Hokkaido Island

  • Sapporo Snow Festival (Sapporo City)            
  • Toya Lake (Toya Town)
  • Otaru Canal(Sapporo City) 
  • Biei Lake (Biei Town)
  • Goryokaku Park (Hakodate City)


Sapporo Snow Festival
Otaru Canal
Sapporo in Autumn
Sappporo in Autumn
Biei Lake
Goryokaku Tower
Tram in Hokkaido
Hokkaido Sushi